Kate Middleton in Her Fashionable Silk Tile Print Shirt Dress

There are a lot of physical and emotional changes a pregnant woman needs to endure during the third trimester of pregnancy. The size and position of the baby makes it so hard to be comfortable. With that, you’ll feel like you need to get through this stage as soon as possible so you can be yourself again and do your day to day task with much vigor and confidence. During this trimester, you will experience weight gain which makes it so challenging to fit to your favorite clothes. Some pregnant woman feels like it’s more comfortable to wear loose clothes especially because there are a lot of discomfort accompanied by this trimester like breast growth, weight gain, contractions, backaches, heartburn, swelling, frequent urination and vaginal discharge. This all makes it impossible to wear our favorite clothes but then Kate Middleton charms everyone with her stylish look every time she shows herself to the public. Her latest appearance is through a video about Mental Health of Children.



A video of Kate Middleton was released on February 16, 2015, in line with Children’s Mental Health Week in UK. The video was taken at Maudsley School in Beckenham that Kate visited last week. The main focus of the video is to tackle the fast growing issues of bullying, grief and family problems that children are involved with. She states that these issues could lead to a more complicated psychological problems such as depression, addiction and a lot more. But the thing that’s just worrisome is the fact that these issues were not given much attention these. Mental health for children is badly needed and should be taken cared of as soon as possible. She also states that she and her husband believes that mental health support for children are really necessary to be handled during their early childhood so it won’t create much trouble later in life. You can send your support through logging in to Place2Be’s website.


Despite the sensitive topic of the said video, The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton still didn’t failed to impress the public with her fashion styles despite her growing baby bump. She wore a blue dress known as “Silk Tile Print Shirt Dress” by Jaeger. This collared dress is simply elegant, perfect for the Duchess of Cambridge. This dress has astounding tile print which was inspired by the styles situated in Florence and Porto.

This dress is all made of silk to make it more comfortable for the pregnant Kate Middleton. She partnered it with emerald drop style earrings. Kate is dedicated to a lot of social works despite her pregnancy. She believes that issues like poverty and abuse can result to a greater traumatic impact in the lives of those who were involved to it. During her visit, she aims to support and tackle these issues with so much attention because these children deserves a better future. Thus, the Duchess of Cambridge is not just a proven chic when it comes to her fashion statements but also a dedicated and concerned citizen especially to those children experiencing difficulties in their early childhood.